Online legal advice is changing the game
Online legal advice is changing the game

What do traditional law firms think about online legal advice: “We could not possibly have our meetings online”“Clients will only work with lawyers they have met in person”. Then, almost overnight, the coronavirus pandemic forced lawyers to go digital.

In this fast-paced world most things are available at the click of a button – including online legal advice. The benefits of using an online lawyer may not be immediately apparent, but they are numerous.


One of the most obvious benefits of online legal advice is how convenient the process is. You can access legal services from the comfort of your home or office by simply browsing their website and communicating with them quickly and conveniently. You are able to schedule a virtual meeting via Zoom at your convenience allowing you to meet with your lawyer while you are on the go.


There is no doubt that lawyers from traditional law firms can have virtual consultations or communicate via text. What you may not know is that you will be charged for every minute the lawyer spends on the Zoom consultation or reading and responding to your text. Online legal service providers operate using transparent, fixed-fee pricing instead of surprising clients with excessive bills at the end of the month.

Experienced lawyers

Most online legal service providers are made up of experienced lawyers who have worked on complex matters. These lawyers understand the importance of finding creative solutions to legal problems and staying up-to-date with constantly evolving law. You are provided with immediate access to highly experienced and reputable lawyers spread across different locations.

Every client is valued

Whether you are a start-up or established business, you are valued. Most online legal service providers ensure that every client is a priority. Whether the legal services you require costs R1000 or R10 000, all clients will receive excellent quality and service.

How can Xellerate help?

By booking a free legal consultation via Zoom with Xellerate, you will enjoy the benefits described above as well as free lawyer advice on a situation you or your business may be facing.

Written by: Accelerate Legal Solutions
June 1, 2022